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Glossary of abbreviations

ADTL Average Daily Trading Liquidity
AMEX American Stock Exchange
ASP Adjusted Share Price
BT Back Test or validation
CAGR Compounded Annual Growth Rate
Comp. Compounded
Const. Constant
CPU Central Processing Unit
CSI Commodity Systems Incorporated
CSV Comma-Separated Values
EAGR Expected Annual Growth Rate
Eod End-of-day
EPS Earnings Per Share
EquW Equally Weighted
ETF Exchange-Traded Fund
F Fridays
GWL General Watchlist
HD Historical Data
HDD Hard Disk Drive
HP Holding Period or rebalancing period in multiple of weeks
HpTD Holding Period To Date, up to including latest Friday or Monday
HSP Historical Share Price
ID Identity Document
IPO Initial Public Offering
M Mondays
MAR Reward/Risk ratio (annualized returns/MDD)
MDD Maximum Drawdown
Nasdaq Nasdaq Stock Market
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
OptW Optimally Weighted
OTC Over The Counter
PE Price to Earnings
PrW Price Weighted
PWR Portfolio Win Ratio
RRR Risk/Reward Ratio
SMA Simple Moving Average
SSD Solid State Drive
Txt Text
URL Uniform Resource Locator
US United States
VAT Value Added Tax
WL Watchlist
W10 Windows10, the operating system of DigiFundManager and DigiCloudManager
YTD Year To Date, up to including latest Friday or Monday