Discover how retail investors manage their risks with DigiFundManager for investments of $500 to $5 Million

    1. ETFs and investment funds “buy” the market with its risks.
    2. In the Global Financial Crisis, Wall Street drew down by -56%.

    3. Our mathematical models control investment systems.
    4. Do-It-Yourself and reduce your risks by a factor of up to four.
    5. Get optimal portfolios that outperform the market.
    6. The chart of the efficient frontier gives maximized returns with minimized risks as a function of investment size (solid lines).

    No other DIY quantitative investment kit is available with (3) - (6) as standard functions. A massive sell-off on Wall Street is like critical opalescence that Einstein successfully quantified in 1910. Both phenomena originate from large fluctuations. The difference is fundamental. Critical opalescence is predictable.
    No sell-off is the same.

    DigiFundManager computes time series of optimal portfolios with expected risks and rewards based on your choices and on the past performance of Wall Street

    1. A Limited Edition of DigiFundManager is freely available for access from your favorite device using your browser of choice.
    2. This web version allows you to learn risk management with preset screening and ranking conditions.
    3. The Complete Version
    can be licensed and needs to be installed on a local pc.
    4. With this complete version, you may freely use all screening functions and import a Watchlist of your choice.
    5. It also allows you to select the ranking system of your choice: trend-following or mean-reversion.
    6. Our data provider of choice is CSI, and our customers can get a Yearly Subscription for a modest price.
    7. The program can easily switch to the freely available data from Finance.Yahoo.
    8. The difference between the two is that CSI has accountable customer support that actively strives to correct the data errors.
    9. For people new in the field of quantitative investing, we made A short introductory slide show.
    10. For more advanced traders and investors, we made Four in-depth video presentations.

    Safe investing

    Watch the slide show to the right to learn how to minimize your risks and maximize your annual expected returns using DigiFundManager

    Expected risks and rewards are averages of the past. Averages have spreads, so that they never warrant future performance. Spreads are indicators for risks.

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