DigiFundManager: Investment Software

    DigiFundManager runs on Windows10 and computes the best predictor of portfolio performance for starters and seasoned stock investors

    • Each week, it ranks stocks from any stock list by decreasing likelihood to increase/decrease in price finding the best long/short positions (Statistical Arbitrage).
    • It weights stocks to maximize returns and/or minimize risks (Economic Forecasting).
    • It times portfolios to maximize autocorrelations in Wall Street's random price fluctuations over several recessions (Wiener-Khinchin-Einstein theorem). 
    Portfolio managers use these techniques to compute optimal portfolios that outperform the market. Perfect Competition sets a cap on each investment from $500 to $250 Million.

    Fractional shares can level the playing field between large and retail investments when computed stock weights lead to fractional shares.

    Best two DJIA-stocks of the week:
    14 June 2021

    Rebalance on Mondays at closing, equally weighted


    (The Travelers Companies Inc)


    (Procter & Gamble Co (The))

    Expected annual return = 33.9%, YTD = 12.2%, MAR = 0.87

    DigiFundManager sets the timing for the stocks in your watchlist

    1. DigiCloudManager is the web version of DigiFundManager, the first two weeks freely available for access from your favorite device. 
    2. This web version allows you to get acquainted with risk management of portfolio value fluctuations.
    3. The Complete Version can be licensed on a local pc or in the cloud.
    4. You may apply the screening, ranking, sizing, weighting, and validating functions over up to 58 years of data, and import a Watchlist.
    5. You may choose from two ranking systems: trend-following or mean-reversion.
    6. Our data provider of choice is CSI; our customers can get a Yearly Subscription for a modest price.
    7. The program can easily switch to the freely available data from Finance.Yahoo.
    8. The difference between the two is that CSI has accountable customer support that actively strives to correct data errors.
    9. For people new in the field of quantitative investing, we made A short introductory slide show.
    10. For more advanced investors, we made Four in-depth video presentations.

    Safe investing

    Watch the slide show to the right to learn how to minimize your risks and maximize your annual expected returns using DigiFundManager

    Expected risks and rewards are averages of the past. Averages have spreads, so that they never warrant future performance. Spreads are indicators for risks.

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