Discover the new way of quantitative investing with DigiFundManager

    Control your risks during recessions and improve your results.
    Calculate portfolios that optimally fit your investment objective.
    Outperform investment funds and Indices by trading once per quarter.

    Find out how past performance increases your chances on future success when the nature of risks does not change.

    or calculate each quarter the top six stocks from our four watchlists:

    Determine the consequences of broker fees, dividend tax, and holding periods.

    DigiFundManager calculates time series of optimal portfolios with expected risks and rewards based on your choices

    1. Choose your data provider (CSI or Yahoo) and feed your broker costs into the program
    2. Choose your investment amount, portfolio size, and fixed holding periods
    3. Possibly introduce your own watchlist with favored stocks (your watchlist)
    4. Use our models for screening, ranking, timing, weighting, and validating
    5. Choose whether you want DigiFundManager to hedge your risks (hedging)
    6. Determine the quality of your game plan by validating it ("In sample" testing)


    Safe investing

    Stock portfolios with minimized Risk/Reward ratio, hence, with minimum risk and maximum reward.

    Expected risks and rewards are averages of the past. Averages have spreads, so that they never warrant future performance. Spreads are indicators for risks.

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