Create your own investment fund with DigiFundManager

Do better than the risks & rewards of professional funds by tuning your own fund to your own investment conditions

You choose your investment amount, the number of stocks that spreads your risk (portfolio size), how often you want to trade (holding period), and the period in the past when your game plan is tested (validation period). You may choose to input your investment objective as to minimize your risk and/or maximize your reward.

or calculate every quarter the top six stocks from our four watchlists

Half December 2018, the last most risky game plan
gave YTD = 40%. Try decreasing the
validation and holding periods.

DigiFundManager calculates time series of optimal portfolios with expected risks and rewards based on your choices

1. Choose your data provider (CSI or Yahoo) and input your broker cost
2. Choose your investment amount, portfolio size, and fixed holding periods
3. If you see fit, input your own list of favored stocks from which the program selects the portfolios (your watchlist)
4. Apply our models for screening, ranking, timing, weighting, and validation
5. Choose whether DigiFundManager should hedge your risks
6. Determine the quality of your game plan by validating your investment objectives


Optimal Portfolios

These are ranked and optimally-weighted stock portfolios in all holding periods, estimated by our search engine and tuned to your own investment objectives for risks and rewards

Expected risks and rewards are averages of the past. There are always spreads on averages, so that expected values never warrant a future outcome. The spread is an indication for the risk.

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